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Window Tinting for business

Two Things Window Tinting Can Do for a Business

For business owners, there really isn’t anything better than improving a business and saving money at the same time. Window Tinting is one of the more unheard of ways to improve an office building and cut down on costs simultaneously. Installation of window film has helped thousands of businesses create a better workspace while trimming down on cooling costs year in and year out.

Here are two of the best benefits window tinting can offer in a business setting: Continue reading

window tinting anti glare

Window Tinting Reduces Glare and Harmful UV Rays

You don’t have to deal with squinting your eyes to see the computer or TV. You don’t have to be roasted by the afternoon sun filtering in through the windows. Annoying glare and harmful UV rays can both be mitigated with a single installation of window film. John Barnes Window Tinting works to install window tinting throughout the greater Miami area to help lower levels of harmful UV rays and reduce glare significantly. Continue reading

Window tint save energy

New Study: Window Film Is the Most Cost-Effective Option for Reducing Energy Costs in Florida

Want to be more energy efficient and save some money on energy costs without spending an arm and a leg? A new IWFA study discovered the most cost-effective option for reducing energy costs for Florida homeowners. The results are in: window film is easily the most cost-effective way to reduce home energy costs for residents of Florida.

Energy demands through South Florida are increasing rapidly as the population grows and modern conveniences proliferate. Figuring out how to lower consumption and costs is a challenge worthy of serious innovation. According to a new study by the International Window Film Association (or IWFA), the innovation might just come from the window film industry.  Continue reading

Protect Furniture From Fading with Window Tinting

Protecting Your Furniture From Fading with Window Tinting

Ever wonder why half of your couch is as faded as tanned leather while the other is still supple and shining? Half of your Persian rug is washed out because of the strength of the UV rays that filter in because of the sun. Unfiltered sun that flows through windows can damage leather, wood, upholstery, draperies, and even artwork. 

It’s not just UV light that damages furniture either. The solar heat, visible light, and other factors all affect how furniture holds up against the test of time. Luckily, there is a way John Barnes Window Tinting can help save the integrity of your furniture and other exposed belongings. Continue reading