Five Things to Know About Professional Window Tinting

High-quality window tint film is very impressive with how many amazing benefits it provides. Over the years, window tint film application has advanced, leading to the development of new material types and techniques for installation. Curiosity provides consumers with the urge to find out how something works or how something is made – including window tint film. We get many customers who are curious about professional window tinting, resulting in a series of questions raised.


To give our customers insight to some interesting aspects about professional window tinting, we’ve picked five inquiries to address further.


1. The Window Tint is applied on the Inside of the Glass. Many people wonder whether the window film is installed on the outside or inside. Almost always, the window tint is applied on the inside of a car or home. The film is cut to take the shape of the window and then carefully installed with the utmost accuracy.


2. Beware of Your Seatbelt Buckle. When drivers are in a hurry to get out of their vehicle, sometimes they sling the seatbelt off quickly, allowing it to hit the window. The impact of the metal hitting the film can cause it to chip. We recommend car owners who have window tint application be very cautious with their seatbelt to avoid chips.


3. The Window Tint Surface Can be Cleaned with Non-ammonia cleaner and a Soft Paper Towel. You should wait to clean the window tint for three days after it has been installed, to give it a solid chance to fully dry. Avoid using blue-colored cleaners because they usually have ammonia in them. Instead, opt for a vinegar-based or citrus glass cleaner. There are also cleaner products specifically designed for window tint film available on the market that work great.



4. Window Tinting Can be Conducted Even in Cold or Wet Weather. Today’s modern techniques for applying window tints allow installations to be conducted even in freezing conditions. In extreme weather conditions, however, the curing time may be extended.


5. Professional Window Tint Film is designed for Durability. High-quality window tint films are made with a scratch-resistant surface that protects it from everyday wear and tear. The quality of film and the precision of the tint installation ensures that there will be no peeling or bubbling later. Once the film is applied, it will last years and can be removed by a professional at any time, without causing damage to the glass.


We welcome any questions from our customers, we know there is much to understand about window tint film, and we always strive to provide an answer. When investing in highly beneficial residential window tinting services in the Ft. Lauderdale, FL area, taking the time to learn about it proves its value. Don’t put just any sticky film on your windows – make sure you know its worth. As a top-of-the-line window installation company, we always keep up-to-date about the industry.



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