How Window Tint Film Is Energy Efficient

Almost everything seems energy efficient these days – washing machines, hybrid vehicles, air conditioners, gas furnaces and even light bulbs. But did you know that your windows can also be energy efficient as well? Nowadays energy efficient window replacements are available, but are, unfortunately, quite an expensive upgrade, with costs ranging anywhere from $8,000 to $16,000. But there is one cost effective solution that won’t break the bank and can be installed promptly: High-quality window tinting film!


How It Works

We’re not talking about do-it-yourself window tinting applications. A professional grade window tint will last for years without peeling or bubbling and provides energy efficiency. If you are skeptical, the proof is in the results – which is the significant reduction that the window tint installation will have on your energy bills. But how is it possible? Well, window tint film has the ability to reflect solar energy while it absorbs a different portion of it. In turn, the amount of heat that enters the room or vehicle is considerably less, which causes less power usage.


Establish a Comfortable Atmosphere

Feeling comfortable in your vehicle or building’s atmosphere is not just a leisure! It keeps people healthy and happy. With a premium window tint application in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, you won’t need to jack up the air conditioning as much to achieve the comfort level you desire. The less energy you use, the less the energy bill will cost! Plus, having window tint installed costs a lot less than if you were to replace the windows with energy efficient glass. Depending on the shade of darkness you choose, window tint film can provide heat rejection of up to 85%. The film also is designed to reduce UV rays from the sun from penetrating through the windows.


Lower Your Energy Bills

Some people may like to stick to the old-fashioned ways by still opting for windshield sunshades, blinds or curtains. While these tactics are still effective, they do not reject heat from entering the car or building and are, therefore, not energy efficient. For a significant decrease in the cost of your monthly energy bills, window tinting is one of the best options on the market.


Energy Efficient For Your Car

First-rate window tint film is also energy efficient for your vehicle as well. The effect of the car windows being tinted produces an outcome of a substantial decrease of fuel use. Since the window tint film provides heat rejection, you won’t need to turn your air conditioner on as much, which helps use less gas. Window tint film offers a convenient way to save money on gas. In Florida, where the temperature is warm all year round, window tinting is highly beneficial to drivers.


Energy efficiency is not the only advantage that window tinting offers. As a matter of fact, window tint film also provides concealment, protection of furniture from fading, an enhancement in aesthetics and glare reduction. When it comes to using kilowatts, every dollar counts, which is why window tinting is a great option to achieve energy efficiency.




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