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New Study: Window Film Is the Most Cost-Effective Option for Reducing Energy Costs in Florida

Want to be more energy efficient and save some money on energy costs without spending an arm and a leg? A new IWFA study discovered the most cost-effective option for reducing energy costs for Florida homeowners. The results are in: window film is easily the most cost-effective way to reduce home energy costs for residents of Florida.

Energy demands through South Florida are increasing rapidly as the population grows and modern conveniences proliferate. Figuring out how to lower consumption and costs is a challenge worthy of serious innovation. According to a new study by the International Window Film Association (or IWFA), the innovation might just come from the window film industry. 

John Barnes Window Tinting and Lowering Energy Costs

At John Barnes Window Tinting, we have been lowering the energy costs of all of Miami and Southern Florida by as much as 30%. We work every day to help save people money and beautify their property. The IWFA study helped prove the efficacy of installing window film to help lower Floridian energy costs:

“…internal and external window films save more energy per dollar spent than typical retrofit features. From a state energy policy perspective, internal and external window films are more effective than ceiling insulation, replacing mechanical equipment and air sealing…”

What’s even better? Saving on energy costs doesn’t have to be just about the money. John Barnes Window Tinting provides different strengths, colors, and brands for any and every need. Window film can help decorate a home while saving money on cooling costs.

Choosing Window Film

Window film comes in quite a few colors and strengths. John Barnes Window Tinting even offers different brands to meet different needs. We give free estimates on projects both large and small, from single windows in a residential home to entire office buildings. With more than 25 years of experience, we know how to install window film on all shapes, sizes, and designs of windows.


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