Residential Window Tinting

Residential Window Tinting

Save money. Add value. Enjoy your view.
We install Home and Residential Window Tinting that helps people save on their electric costs, reduce glare, and protect valuable furniture and upholstery. Our architectural films are designed to enhance your views, not block them. From reflective silver to virtually unnoticeable neutral colors, we have the right film for the job.

Benefits of Home Window Tinting:

  • Up to 85% heat rejection
  • Up to 30% reduction in electric costs
  • 99% UV protection against fading
  • Near elimination of harmful UV radiation
  • Protect furniture and upholstery from fading
  • Protect artwork and flooring from fading
  • Safe to use on impact-resistant and dual-pane glass with glass warranties
  • Warranties on film for as long as you own your home
  • Many colors, strengths, and styles to choose from

Save on Energy Costs

Adding protective beauty to your home with residential window tinting can actually save you money too. For homeowners in all of south Florida and the surrounding communities looking for ways to save energy, windows are often one of the first things replaced. Instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars on complete window replacement, many are turning to home window tinting.

Recent Studies

According to a recent study by the International Window Film Association, homeowners who install window film can save as much as a 30% in electric costs based on season, number of windows, and strength of film. In fact, there might not be any option quite as cost-effective. The International Window Film Association found that:
“…internal and external window films save more energy per dollar spent than typical retrofit features. From a state energy policy perspective, internal and external window films are more effective than ceiling insulation, replacing mechanical equipment and air sealing…”

Residential Window Film Options

We use only the most well-designed, effective home window tinting in the industry. In fact, today’s window films are incredibly attractive, subtle, and elegant in their construction. We offer a wide range of choices in a variety of shades and hues and strive to find the perfect tint for your home.

Hiring a Professional Window Tinting Company

Using the correct film on impact-resistant windows and dual pane glass is critical in order to avoid issues. Here in the heat of South Florida, the wrong window tint on the wrong kind of glass can cause major problems, however, we pride ourselves on our knowledge and capability of handling any residential tinting job in Florida.
John Barnes is licensed and insured, installing quality home window tinting in South Florida and the surrounding communities with a lifetime warranty for over 30 years!