Auto Window Tinting

Mobile Car Window Tinting in West Palm Beach and Beyond

We use state-of-the-art Carbon and Nano-Particle automotive films to provide customers in West Palm Beach and the surrounding areas with world-class car window tinting. John Barnes Window Tinting can deliver maximum heat nullification, signal reception, and privacy. Our car window tinting service has withstood the test of time for generations of drivers. With our immaculate car window tinting process, you can keep cool in the hot Florida summers.
When you invest in our industry-leading car window tinting, you’ll never see any unsightly peeling or bubbling on your vehicle’s windows. Our exemplary craftsmanship is backed by over three decades of experience in tinting thousands of cars, trucks, and SUV’s in West Palm Beach and the surrounding areas.

Car, Truck & SUV Window Tinting

To ensure that every tinting installation is a perfect fit, John Barnes Window Tinting offers precise “custom film cutting”; We cut our tints for 100% style with a nationwide warranty. For one thing, this guarantees no bubbling or peeling. There may be other car window tinting companies that only aim to achieve a rough approximation of their clients’ measurement specifications, but we will never settle for anything less than your exact needs.
We take pride in our work, and that means we constantly aim to raise the bar for the best car window tinting. Our tints are as technologically fortified as they are aesthetically appealing. They feature hi-grade heat rejection properties with the ability to block out 99% of U/V rays.
Our car window tinting service can reduce the sun’s glare, granting you a clear field of vision for maximum safety on the road. You can get all of the substance, style and security of our tinting at some of the most affordable rates in the automotive industry. We’ve upheld these standards for over 30 years, so when you do business with us, you can do so with genuine confidence.

Carbon Films

We provide a selection of high-performance Carbon films for car window tinting. This durable, non-metal material is optimal for modern car models, which often contain sensitive electronic antenna components in the glass.
Carbon tinting is a contemporary safety measure that keeps many drivers secure against electrical heating risks that are rarely talked about. With this in mind, John Barnes Window Tinting never presses metal-based films against window materials charged with the electricity.
In addition to giving you a safeguard against electrical hazards, Carbon car window tinting prevents age discoloration. Carbon construction is one of the latest developments in films for car window tinting, maintaining your tint’s natural, cool shade for years to come. With Carbon car window tinting, you can expect great heat resistance, U/V light protection, toughness, and undeniable attractiveness.

Infrared Films

Our Infrared films optimize car window tinting performance without sacrificing road visibility. Infrared car window film provide the best heat Rejection, U/V light protection, toughness, and undeniable attractiveness. More than 99% of U/V rays are blocked from entering your skin without breaking up radio, cellular, satellite or GPS signals.
Sophisticated solar heat rejection mitigates heat buildup in the car, meaning you don’t need to place a sun-shade in your window to block the hot sun. Considered to be the premium, highest quality choice among car window films, infrared is a legal window tinting solution for drivers who need minimum solar interference.
We offer a lifetime warranty for car window tinting, which means your vehicle’s window film will look cool and keeps you cool for years to come. For perfect, risk-free vehicle window tinting on your vehicle in West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, and the surrounding communities, contact John Barnes Window Tinting today and enjoy the precision of custom vehicle window tint.